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WEB Development

Web development begins with a clear understanding of what your business is trying to deliver to your clients. There is little point in designing a great looking, cutting edge, website if it misses the target audience.
That’s why Adonis Technology sits down with you, our customer, and learns about your business so that we can design a website for you to deliver the best customer experience.

Many customers begin with an idea that websites need to have the latest technology, plenty of graphics, and flashy gimmicks. The experience of our Presidents and CEO’s over the past 25 years has taught us that this only serves to limit search engine exposure resulting in lost visits and revenue.

That’s why we focus on developing sites that work, are efficient, and search engine friendly. Then we add the bells and whistles that conform to W3C standards. That way you have full cross platform compatibility and maximised visibility.

Once we have learnt all you can tell us about what your business offers clients, and what you want your site to do, we will reproduce your company graphic for use in the design. If you don’t have any, we will spend time with you to create what you want from your brief.

Once we begin the programming stage we will bring our core values to bear to look after you at every step and make sure that your site fits and works with your business idea.

So let us get under the car of your web site, so you get back to what you love - your business.

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