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At Adonis Technology we are committed to finding better ways to automate our lives. This is why we have setup this division. Its focus is on finding smart, more cost effective, ways to delivering services so that everyone can access information.

Through innovative software design, we aim to create virtual environments to allow training, education and information to flow to everyone no matter their location on the economic pyramid. This is just another way we stay true to our values - looking after people.

Our projects range from entertaining educational games, to intuitive research databases. Through interactive 3D environments, we will bring knowledge to your door.

Watch this space as we design and build the environments of the future accessible from your armchair.

Built on solid state ideology of community and communication, we have undertaken a number of projects to build communities. These projects allow a dedicated focus on the communities’ desired genre while maintaining their core values. Further, these projects have provided a new way to reach out to staff, community members, friends, and inform the general public of their goal without getting lost in the millions of voices on normal social networking sites.

The design of these projects is simple: bring people together in their organisations to learn and teach each other on an equal footing of discussion and openness that enhances the core value of people caring about people.

This idea of community was researched and developed from the scientific methodology that formed Lloyd's masters degree and is now available to everyone to build their community voice for the world.

Some examples can be seen at and

Case Study:

The process of Alternative Disputes Resolution (“ADR”) to help resolve disputes. Gallagher & Co approached us for a technology that maintained arbitrators and mediators face to face interactions when dealing with the finer points of negotiation during disputes. They also asked if we could provide a document management system to maintain the flow of information while providing transparency and full disclosure to parties involved. The system also had to maintain high levels of security and confidentiality while dealing with the dispute in a professional manner. Finally the system had to work across international borders while preventing or reducing the need for travel, this meant it had to work across the internet.

We set about designing a system that allowed for secure holding and delivery of legal documents and introduced a case management system to keep track of notes and hearing dates. This allowed for document delivery, discovery and filing of applications all from within the secure system. We worked with Gallagher & Co as they developed legal procedures and rules for document discovery. To further assist cost reduction we implemented an online conferencing system that included chat, video conference, whiteboard, document upload and desktop sharing. Then packaged it all into a nice easy delivery server with cross server and dns redundancy with a low delivery cost that we named c-justice (c-justice “see justice”) ODR (Online Disputes resolution).

In addition, while working with Gallagher & Co, we found that there was a great deal of room for mistake in legal agreements where arbitrators/mediators not having access to cross jurisdictional information or legal research could make mistakes that would lead to an increase in possible litigation. Our discussions with Gallagher & Co saw the need for cases and judge commentaries to became an integral tool for the decision making process. To resolve this Gallagher & Co formed alliances with Lexis Nexis, the world’s leader in legal databases, who we worked alongside to develop a portal within our server system.

This allowed for international access to the databases from within the c-justice ODR package with a focus on Alternative Disputes Resolution. With everyone in agreement, we then patented the product and made it available as a server package for other practitioners. The system is now widely available through Gallagher & Co and id delivered across our fast fibre partnership with Peer1.

Take a look at the system at

If you wish to know more about our projects, or wish to get involved, please contact head office through our contact us page.