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Adonis Netsafe

With the invention of MMORPG and online gaming environments, many companies have found themselves faced with the daunting and expensive task of developing policies to protect their clients. Access to information has become a plethora of jurisdiction, legal access and privacy rights that often sees lawyers making more money than the MMO.

AsĀ  a cyber lawyer one of our partners has a number of queries each day to solve this prickly international minefield and has become annoyed at the number of business that have been canned due to legal costs. This prompted us to take action and add this service to help new developer’s launch.

As developers and players of online environments ourselves, our team of designers, lawyers and active police officers, come together to design systems that work to protect your online environment.

We call it Adonis Netsafe, and it is here to help online game developers to traverse this minefield to success. We work to help create policy, procedure and action plans that conform to international requirements and allow for investigation and prosecution if needed. Jurisdiction issues and server location provide no barrier against security as contracts and policies are designed to cover all bases for where you launch and run your service.

It is our aim to protect you and your customers for your success.

Don’t leave it to chance, or copy someone else’s policies that may not work when push comes to shove. Our service is specifically designed to be cost effective for the start-ups because we where once a start-up too.

So let us help you design the legal systems you need to protect your online enviroment and clients.