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We partner with industry leaders.

At Adonis Technology, we have organised agreements with suppliers that provide industry leading technology and service based on our mutual core values. This allows us to provide you with unparalleled support and reliability without a high price tag.

This partnership allows us to provide you with a 100% uptime SLA that makes sure your website delivers your services to your customers 24/7 365 days a year.

The Network

We use Peer1’s FastFiber Network coupled with peering relationships from over 1050 networks and multiple Tier 1 upstream providers. This allows us to deliver high throughput and packet-per-second capability to meet your online business needs.
Over a Dozen Datacenters

With over a dozen datacenters throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, our backbone network is ready to handle your traffic regardless of visitor location. This is topped off with peering technology to give you faster connections, more bandwidth and absolute server performance.

Peering is for all of us who want their server to be available without the worry of downtime. Peering involves two networks coming together to freely exchange traffic with one another resulting in lower bandwidth costs, increased capacity, and maximized control. Active pursuit of peer-to-peer relationships with remote networks, bypasses the need to cross third party networks that would otherwise mean lower routing and connection speeds. Peer 1’s management of remote networks, allows issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently through direct access to the network in question, instead of relying on third party NOCs. This lets us resolve issues for you in minutes rather than hours or days.

High Performance assured

As a developer, designer, or gamer, speed is everything. If your network doesn't perform at the highest level possible accuracy means nothing. We put you in the driver’s seat with 21 network points-of-presence that reduce latency worries giving you the backbone to prove you're number one, and the speed to back it up.

Regulated Climate Control

All datacenters have heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems with full particle filtering and humidity control. The datacenters’ climate is maintained according to ASHRAE Guidelines ensuring your mission-critical server and hardware is functioning at its best.

Redundant Power Just in Case

Don't just rely on the local power grid to guarantee around-the-clock power. The datacenters provide on-site diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to deliver redundant power if a critical incident occurs. This ensures all operations are uninterrupted and remain online.

Serious About Security

All datacenters’ are locked off and guarded. They can only be accessed by authorized personnel and our Collocation customers through Military grade access systems. The facilities are monitored through closed circuit televisions 24x7x365 with onsite security teams vigilantly surveying the area.

Through peering, pix and redundancy we know you will be online. We are so sure of it we back it up through our 100% SLA.

Name Servers

100% DNS uptime through replicated DNS servers located around the world - DNS servers located in three continents, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, and USA. We guarantee your internet addresses will be served, per our SLA.

We support full TLD records according to RFC specifications for A, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, AAAA, and SRV, and yes we support IPv6.

Note that these name servers are specifically for hosted domain names, secondary and tertiary records. They are not for general name resolution - Your ISP should be used for this. If you are hosting your domain with us you will be supplied the specific primary and secondary name servers for your zone files. In addition, hosted websites may be held on additional name servers not in this list. Dedicated servers may also run thier own name servers resulting in us only providing secondary replication. Accordingly, clients should check their exact hosting setup via the email sent and as listed in their order on The name servers listed below are for guidance only and should not be used instead of the supplied servers given in the email.

Name server details:

Name Servers
(Replicated primary and secondary servers)

Customer Name Servers
(Domain name only hosting)

Hosted websites with domains may be on servers not in this list. Check your email for your exact domain name hosting details). (
Australia / New Zealand (
North America / USA / TX
North America / USA / VA (
Europe / Netherlands (
Europe / Bulgaria / Gribo (
Europe / Germany (
Europe / Russia (
North America / USA / Canada (
Europe / United Kingdom

Customer Name Servers
(Domain and webhosting)

PHP Linux Web Sevice

Coldfusion Windows Web Service (
Europe / Romania (
Europe / Germany