Cloud Services

GPU Cloud

Large-scale GPU Cloud powered by NVIDIA offers flexible and reliable access to a systems capable of delivering high computational performance across demanding applications such as graphics rendering, complex quantitative processing, video compression, and large-model 3D web services.

Managed Private Cloud

Run your mission-critical applications on a Managed Cloud, and enjoy all the flexibility and security compliance that comes with private cloud infrastructure.

Cloud storage

Low cost effective storage provides redundant online storage for your files and rich media.

SaaS Cloud

There is plenty of space in the cloud for innovators looking to develop and launch a next-generation cloud, on-demand or SaaS enabling application. The emergence of the cloud has created exciting new opportunities that we can provide you resources to run from.

Custom Cloud

Whether it is a private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud, you can pick and choose the design that best fits your requirements. With cloud server customisation you build and set the scaling manually ir automatically to suit your needs. Our pricing guarantees that customers pay only for what they use and are never locked into a long-term contract giving you transparent pricing with scalability.

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Disaster Recovery

Adonis’s cloud-based disaster recovery service provides machine snapshots of physical or virtual servers as well as desktops (optional) at your offices without you adding additional hardware, resources, or manpower.

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