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When Steven, Carey and I (Lloyd) started Adonis Technology we had one focus in mind, people. As an IT expert for 20+ years, we have had to deal with a number of clients who have been left in a state of despair when IT companies have left them to fight for support despite taking their money for years.

I found many of my customers faced loosing thousands or undertaking lengthy legal battles to resolve what should have been straightforward matters. This resulted in me taking a law degree so that I could help resolve these issues before they began through airtight contracts. After completing the degree in three years, I became obsessed with the lack of Internet legal protection in many jurisdictions’.

Couple this with many markets overpricing standard goods and my blood was starting to boil. This led me to meeting Carey who had similar concerns in his business. Many of his clients had stories of frustration and roads to ruin from expensive contracts that did not live up to their design.

There has to be a better way, we thought quietly to ourselves, resigning the problem for another day.

After a few more discussions, we began to look at solutions for many researchers, like myself, and came up with some software strategies’ that would help solve many of the issues I faced. This resulted in us forming a team, and as we discussed our technological marvels, we began to return to the topic that started the whole ball rolling.

What if we offered the same level of support and service to IT customers, we thought. We all had experience in the field to deliver unprecedented service to any sized firm. What a great idea we all said, and began to develop our partner network with companies holding the same values.

After a few week’s we had our first partner, Peer 1 and have not looked back.

Our commitment to our core values sees us pushing the limits of old business ideals. Our ‘people first’ focus drives us at every turn to develop, deliver, and support everything we provide with the utmost commitment and passion.

Our motto has become - We could have been rich but we decided to put people first!